To help users understand the 4C/ID model, we provide a free one-hour video-course, and a two-day workshop. Those with broader interests can see if our Master of Health Professions Education interests them. And for users who seek tailor-made support in their own institution, our experts might be able to provide consultancy.

Videocourse: Basics of 4C/ID

The School of Health Professions Education is currently developing a short videocourse to develop a basic understanding of the four components in the 4C/ID model and their corresponding learning processes. The videocourse will be freely available in the summer of 2022.

Two-day Workshop: Designing with 4C/ID

The School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University offers a two-day workshop to help designers, educationalists, and researchers understand the design principles of the 4C/ID model. Participants in the workshop will study an example blueprint and design their own blueprint under guidance of our 4C/ID experts. The workshop also addresses common implementation issues that arise when transitioning to task-centered education. Note that the workshop is mainly targeted to medical educators and uses examples from medical education, but participants from other domains are not excluded.

Upcoming workshops:
10 & 11 November 2022
8 & 9 June 2023
20 & 21 November 2023

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Master of Health Professions Education

If your interests are broader than just the 4C/ID model and you want to learn how to design instruction in the health professions, the School of Health Professions Education provides a Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE). The Master of Health Professions Education provides you the knowledge and skills required for a career in health professions education and research. Alumni of our MHPE programme often undertake a PhD trajectory and become involved in SHE research. The MHPE is a two-year, part-time programme taught in English that is largely based on distance learning. You will receive a Master of Science degree in Health Professions Education.

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Tailor-made support: Consultancy

The courses above are available for all teachers, designers, researchers, or others who are interested in 4C/ID and will give the participant a clear overview of what is needed to (re)design and implement an instructional program with 4C/ID. However, 4C/ID is a generic model. Some degree of adaptation and flexibility is always necessary to apply its design principles in a particular context. If you need support with applying 4C/ID in context, we might be able to provide consultancy.

Want to know more? Please go to the consultancy page to learn how to get in contact with our experts.

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