To help users understand the 4C/ID model, we provide a free one-hour video-course, and a two-day workshop.

Videocourse: Basics of 4C/ID

The School of Health Professions Education developed a short video course for a basic understanding of the four components in the 4C/ID model and their corresponding learning processes. The video course is free and open to everyone.

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Workshop Designing with 4C/ID


The School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University offers a two-day workshop to help designers, educationalists, and researchers understand the design principles of the 4C/ID model. Participants in the workshop will study an example blueprint and design their own blueprint under the guidance of our 4C/ID experts. The workshop also addresses common implementation issues that arise when transitioning to task-centered education. Note that the workshop is mainly targeted at medical educators and uses examples from medical education, but participants from other domains are not excluded.

Upcoming workshops:
29 & 30 June 2023
20 & 21 November 2023

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Interactive lecture


This is an interactive Powerpoint presentation with basic information about the 4C/ID model. It was made years ago, so it looks a bit outdated. Clicking the buttons at the top of the screen takes you to individual slides with corresponding information. Clicking the E-lecture button at the bottom takes you to a short videoclip of Jeroen van Merriënboer explaining the current slide. The videos are online and will open in your browser.

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