4C/ID is a generic instructional design model that can be applied in many different contexts. Some degree of adaptation and flexibility is always necessary to apply its design principles in a particular context. Some elements of the model may be easy to implement in some contexts, while others may be challenging. A good understanding of the model and its main principles is essential, but a flexible adaptation to make the right design choices in the given context is just as important. If you need support with applying 4C/ID in context, the School of Health Professions Education might be able to provide consultancy.

Consultancy activities

If you are interested in consultancy, please contact us to see if any of our experts are available at this time. We will gladly plan a first videocall to explore your request and discuss about potential consultancy activities. If we think we can provide help with your question after one or two exploratory meetings, the School will send a price estimate before continuing. The price depends on the particular workload involved with the agreed activities.

Note: the School of Health Professions Education primarily works with teachers, designers, and researchers in health professions education. If you work in a different domain, feel free to contact us but please know that we will give priority to requests from the domain of medical education. Read more about the SHE Collaborates department here.

The consultancy project is fully flexible and will be composed of activities that fit your question. Here are some 4C/ID-related consultancy activities we carried out in the past:

  • In-house lecture: The expert visits your institution to introduce the main principles of the 4C/ID model with some time included for a Q&A session (approx 90 minutes). Ideal to introduce the model to (new) staff.
  • In-house workshop: Experts visit your institution to provide a hands-on experience to let staff experience designing with 4C/ID. Alternatively, experts can provide train-the-trainer workshops to prepare your staff for 4C/ID training.
  • Evaluation report: This consultancy project consists of an evaluation of a given (planned) educational module resulting in a written report that clarified how each of 4C/ID's design principles were applied and where possible improvements were available.
  • Longitudinal consultancy: These are long-term projects (1-2 years) in which the expert is involved as a coach during a curriculum redesign phase and includes a combination of the activities above. Individual consultancy activities, such as evaluations, feedback, reflections, or workshops are planned and billed on-demand.