Jeroen van Merriënboer

Founder of the 4C/ID model Jeroen J.G. van Merriënboer was Professor of Learning and Instruction at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, where he was Research Director of the Graduate School of Health Professions Education (SHE). He also held honorary positions at the University of Bergen in Norway and the Open University of the Netherlands. He published over 450 journal articles and book chapters in the areas of learning and instruction and medical education and supervised more than 50 PhD students.

Jeroen van Merriënboer passed away in November 2023.
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Paul Kirschner

Paul A. Kirschner is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the Open University of the Netherlands, as well as Guest Professor at the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Belgium, and Honorary Doctor (doctor honoris causa) at the University of Oulu, Finland. He has published nearly 400 journal articles, books, and book chapters in the areas of learning, instruction, and collaborative learning.



Liesbeth Kester

Liesbeth Kester is full professor Educational Sciences at Utrecht University (UU). She is chair of the UU division Education and director of the academic master Educational Sciences of the UU. She is also member of the board of the Dutch Interuniversity Centre for Educational Research (ICO). Her expertise includes instructional design, multimedia learning, hypermedia learning, personalized learning, and learning, and designing and developing flexible learning environments (including game-based learning environments).

Iwan Wopereis

Iwan Wopereis is a senior lecturer at the Expertise Centre for Education and Professional development (ECOP) of the Open Universiteit. At ECOP he teaches courses on instructional design and synchronous online education (i.e., the virtual classroom). Iwan has given various workshops on the 4C/ID-model in secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher education (HBO/WO). In addition to teaching, he researches subjects related to instructional design, information literacy, and creativity.



Jimmy Frerejean

Jimmy Frerejean is an assistant professor at the Department of Educational Development and Research and School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University, where he uses his extensive experience with 4C/ID when teaching and researching instructional design for health professions education. He combines this with a position as an educational consultant at the Maastricht University Medical Center, where he helps improve training programs for healthcare professionals. He specializes in simulation-based education, coordinates a national lifelong learning program for healthcare professionals (SimNEXT), and is closely involved with the TRISIM expertise group for simulation-based education in healthcare.

Marco Marcellis

Marco Marcellis is a computer science lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is responsible for the minor Mobile Development. The course mobile application development, which is part of the minor, has been developed with the 4C/ID model. Currently, he is working on a PhD research project at the School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University and investigating how to design blended learning programs with the 4C/ID model.



Brena Melo

Brena Melo (PhD, Maastricht University) medical doctor, is associate professor and coordinator of the Simulation Center at Faculdade Pernambucana de Saúde (FPS), Recife, Brazil. She is also coordinator of the High Risk Pregnancy Ward at the Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP) and a member of the National Specialties Comission, subdivision Obstetrics Urgencies, at Federação Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia (Febrasgo). Her main research focuses on the use of 4C/ID model for simulation training for multiple clinical specialties.

Daria Ilishkina

Daria Ilishkina is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University where she studies how higher education students regulate their motivation to learn. She is the co-curator and teacher at the one-year program “Professionals for modern education” at Universal University which helps students to rethink traditional and develop new approaches to learner-centered education. In her teaching practice, Daria mostly focuses on short workshops and month-long courses about 4C/ID model and motivational design. As a learning experience designer, she has helped a lot of people, universities, and companies with their educational programs, many of whom were struggling with understanding and implementing the 4C/ID model. As a result of her passion to help people in creating educational programs, Daria became a co-author of creative thinking methodology for education innovations «CRAFT/ed» at the creative agency “IKRA.GLOBAl”.



Morteza Karami

Morteza Karami is an associate professor of curriculum and instruction at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. He is the chair of Iranian Curriculum Studies Association (ICSA). Morteza spent his sabbatical leave at Maastricht University and has been collaborating with Prof. Jeroen van Merriënboer on using 4C/ID in the medical education since July 2018. His research program focuses on using task-centered learning in different settings such as industrial training, higher education, medical education, and public education. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching various university courses, supervising postgraduate student theses and research projects, and providing consulting services to organizations and industrial companies in Iran. His current research focus is on the topic of designing task-centered learning environments.


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